Dunlop 412P.88 Tortex Sharp, Green, .88mm, 12/Player's Pack

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Guitar Picks



The Dunlop 412P.88 Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks are a 12-pack of high-performance picks designed for precision and clarity. Featuring a .88mm thickness and a sharp point, these picks are made from Dunlop's proprietary Tortex material, known for its durability and grip-enhancing surface.

These green picks are highly resistant to wear and offer a bright, articulate tone that works well for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. The sharp point allows for maximum speed and accuracy while picking, making these picks a favorite among musicians worldwide.

With 12 picks per pack, you'll have plenty on hand for your next gig or practice session. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Dunlop 412P.88 Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks are an excellent choice for reliable performance and long-lasting use.

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