Dunlop 412P100 Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks - 1.00mm Blue (12-pack) - 412P1.0

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The Dunlop 412P100 Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks, 1.00mm, Blue (12-pack) are designed for guitarists who seek enhanced precision and articulation in their playing. Key features include:

* Tortex Sharp design: Combines the playability and tone of Tortex picks with a super sharp tip for increased precision.
* 1.00mm thickness: Offers a balanced feel for a variety of playing styles.
* Blue color: Provides a stylish appearance.
* 12-pack: Ensures you have plenty of picks on hand.
* Durable construction: Ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to wear.

These Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks are a great choice for guitarists who prioritize accuracy and clarity in their playing, providing a reliable and high-quality accessory that will enhance their performance.

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