Dunlop 418P1.0 Tortex Standard 1.0mm Blue Guitar Picks 12-Pack

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Signature Tortex composition and durability

Jim Dunlop strove to provide guitar players with the best pick possible, constantly refining his materials and processes until he arrived at Tortex’s signature composition. Tortex picks are designed with a grip-enhancing surface that naturally feels “just right” — there's enough texture to firmly stay in your fingers without ever feeling sticky. Constructed from a highly durable plastic called Delrin, Tortex is resistant to the constant wear and bending that guitar picks are subjected to; in other words, they offer a long shelf life even with heavy playing. And of course, Tortex picks are world renowned for delivering a clear and articulate sound that’s ideal for electric, acoustic, and bass guitar playing across the entire spectrum of musical genres.

Dunlop standard pick shape: the standard for versatility

A jack of all trades, the Dunlop standard is the most common pick shape. There are a wealth of specialized picks that excel in their own way, but Sweetwater guitarists find that the sheer versatility of the standard is unmatched. It's the standard for reason!

Dunlop Standard Tortex Guitar Picks Features:

  • Dunlop's standard pick shape has unmatched versatility
  • Sharp point for maximum speed and accuracy when picking
  • Tortex material is highly durable and resistant to everyday play wear
  • Bright and articulate tone that works well for electric, acoustic, and bass guitar across a wide variety of genres

Tech Specs

  • Shape:Standard
  • Gauge:1.0mm
  • Material:Tortex
  • Quantity:12
  • Color:Blue
  • Manufacturer Part Number:418P100

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