Dunlop 418P114 Tortex Standard Guitar Picks - 1.14mm Purple (12-pack) - 418P1.14

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The Dunlop 418P114 Tortex Standard Guitar Picks, 1.14mm, Purple (12-pack) are a popular choice among guitarists due to their durability, versatility, and high-quality construction. Key features include:


* Tortex material: Offers a durable and long-lasting performance with great memory and just the right amount of flexibility.

* Standard shape: Provides a comfortable grip and familiar feel for many guitarists.

* 1.14mm thickness: Strikes a balance between flexibility and rigidity for a snappy, fluid attack that's bright and crisp.

* Purple color: Adds a stylish and distinctive look to your playing setup.

* 12-pack: Offers convenience and value for regular use.

* Used by top musicians worldwide: Trusted by professional guitarists for their performance and durability.


These Dunlop Tortex Standard Guitar Picks are a great choice for guitarists of all skill levels who want a high-quality, durable pick that delivers a snappy, bright tone and excellent playability.

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