Dunlop 431P088 Tortex Triangle Guitar Picks .88mm Green 6-pack

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The Dunlop 431P088 Tortex Triangle Guitar Picks .88mm Green 6-pack is a set of durable, high-quality guitar picks designed for enhanced grip and control. Key features and specifications include:

* Tortex material: Offers a bright, snappy tone and excellent durability.
* Triangle shape: Provides a wider gripping surface for greater control and comfort.
* .88mm thickness: Suitable for a variety of playing styles and techniques.
* Green color: Adds a distinctive look to your playing setup.
* 6-pack: Ensures you have plenty of picks on hand for practice, gigs, or recording sessions.
* Dunlop quality: Manufactured to Dunlop's high standards for consistent performance and reliability.

These Dunlop Tortex Triangle Guitar Picks are an excellent choice for guitarists seeking a durable, high-quality pick with enhanced grip and control, allowing for precise playing and a bright, snappy tone.

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