Dunlop 431P100 Tortex Triangle Guitar Picks 1.0mm Blue 6-pack

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Features of the Dunlop 431P100 Tortex Triangle Guitar Picks 1.0mm Blue 6-pack:

* Tortex material: Known for its durability, bright tone, and resistance to wear and tear.
* Triangle shape: Provides an extended grip surface for increased control and comfort while playing.
* 1.0mm thickness: Offers a balanced feel suitable for various playing styles and techniques.
* Blue color: Adds a stylish and distinctive appearance to your playing setup.
* Grip-enhancing surface: Ensures a secure and comfortable grip.
* Pack of 6: Provides convenience and value for regular use.
* Trusted by professional musicians: Dunlop Tortex picks are widely used and recognized for their accuracy and reliability.


Specification                  Description 

Material :----------------------Tortex 
Thickness:------------------- 1.0mm 
Quantity:-----------------------6 picks

Country of Origin: USA 

These Dunlop Tortex Triangle Guitar Picks are known for their durability, comfortable grip, and balanced feel, providing guitarists with reliable and high-quality accessories for their playing needs.

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