Dunlop 510P1.3 Primetone 1.3MM Teardrop Guitar Pick, 3 PK

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The Dunlop 510P1.3 Primetone Standard Grip Picks (3 Pack, 1.3mm) offer several benefits:

* Standard shape: Provides a traditional feel and familiar playing experience.
* Hand-burnished beveled edge: Simulates the quick-release of a well-worn pick for fast and articulate runs.
* Low-profile grip: Enhances control and reduces hand fatigue, leading to improved playing comfort.
* Ultex material: Ensures durability and a bright, clear sound.
* Made in the USA: Guarantees high-quality craftsmanship and materials.

With their combination of comfort, control, and sound quality, the Dunlop 510P1.3 Primetone Standard Grip Picks are an excellent choice for guitarists seeking a reliable and high-performance pick.

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