Dunlop 510p2.0 Primetone Std 3/plypk - 510P2.0

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The Dunlop 510P2.0 Primetone Std 3/plypk is a high-quality guitar pick designed to enhance your playing experience. Key features include:

* Sculpted edges: Hand-burnished for fast, smooth playing and effortless strumming.
* Ultex material: Offers durability and produces a bright, clear tone.
* Grip: Low-profile grip enhances control and reduces hand fatigue.
* Pack of 3: Provides convenience and value, ensuring you always have a pick when needed.
* Enhances instrument's voice: Designed to bring out the true voice and clarity of your guitar.

With its sculpted edges, durable material, and comfortable grip, the Dunlop 510P2.0 Primetone Std 3/plypk is an excellent choice for guitarists who demand exceptional performance and playability from their picks.

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