Dunlop 558 Tortex Flow Guitar Picks (12 Pack) - 558P.88

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The Dunlop 558P.88 Tortex Flow Guitar Picks are a 12-pack of high-quality guitar picks that combine the bright tone and durability of Tortex Picks with the Flow Pick geometry for enhanced precision and articulation. Key features include:


* .88mm thickness: Provides a balanced feel suitable for various playing styles and techniques.

* Green color: Offers a stylish and distinctive appearance.

* Tortex material: Known for its bright snap, durability, and resistance to everyday wear.

* Flow Pick geometry: Features a wide angle to focus your attack and a sharp tip for superior precision and articulation.

* Grip-enhancing surface: Ensures a secure and comfortable hold while playing.

* 12-pack: Offers convenience and value for regular use.


These Dunlop Tortex Flow Guitar Picks are an excellent choice for guitarists seeking enhanced precision, articulation, and durability in their playing, delivering a bright, snappy tone suitable for electric, acoustic, and bass guitar.

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