Herco HE112P Flat/Thumbpicks Medium Gauge, Player's Pack

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The Herco HE112P Flat/Thumbpicks Medium Gauge, Player's Pack is a set of innovative guitar picks designed to combine the best of both flatpicks and thumbpicks. Key features include:


* Medium gauge: Offers a balance between flexibility and strength for versatile playing.

* Flat/thumbpick design: Provides the option to hold like a flatpick or use the thumbpick loop for increased control and dexterity.

* Celluloid material: Delivers a traditional feel and warm tone.

* Assorted colors: Comes in a pack of 3 picks in red, blue, and yellow.

* Economical option: Available in a convenient and affordable player's pack.


These Herco HE112P Flat/Thumbpicks offer guitarists the ability to seamlessly switch between flatpicking and thumbpicking in the same song, making them an excellent choice for those looking to expand their playing techniques and capabilities.

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