Dunlop White Extra Large Thumbpicks 4 Pack - 9004PXL

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 Dunlop White Extra Large Thumbpicks 4 Pack - 9004PXL:


* Model: Dunlop 9004PXL Thumbpicks.

* Quantity: 4-pack.

* Size: Extra large.

* Color: White.

* Material: Plastic.

* Right-handed design.

* Warm tonal response: Produces a rich, balanced sound.

* Increased control: Provides a secure grip and enhanced playing precision.

* Suitable for various instruments: Works well with acoustic and electric guitars, basses, banjos, and more.

* Made in the USA: Ensures high-quality construction and reliability.


These extra-large white thumbpicks from Dunlop offer a comfortable fit, increased control, and a warm tone, making them an excellent choice for guitarists seeking enhanced performance and versatility.

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