electro-harmonix Grand Canyon DELAY & LOOPER

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The Electro-Harmonix Grand Canyon pedal is the more advanced and feature-rich sibling of the Canyon Delay & Looper. This powerhouse of a pedal offers numerous delay and looper options, with some notable benefits:

* 12 different delay types: Offers an extensive range of delay effects, including classic analog and tape sounds, as well as more modern and experimental options like shimmer, reverse, and multi-tap delays.
* Versatile control options: The Grand Canyon offers dedicated knobs for secondary parameters like modulation depth, tone, and feedback, allowing for greater precision when shaping your sound.
* Tap tempo and tap divide: Easily sync your delay time with the music, and access tap divide functions for rhythmic variations.
* Built-in looper: Create, overdub, and play back loops up to 16 minutes long, ideal for songwriting, practice, and live performances.
* Programmable presets: Store up to 16 user presets for quick recall of your favorite delay and looper settings.
* Expression pedal input: Control various parameters in real-time, providing added versatility for live performances.

Overall, the Electro-Harmonix Grand Canyon is a fantastic choice for guitarists seeking a comprehensive delay and looper pedal with extensive customization options and flexibility.


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