Elixir 12100 Polyweb Coated Electric Guitar Strings Medium 11-49

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There are several compelling reasons to choose the Elixir 12100 Polyweb Coated Electric Guitar Strings:

1. Extended Tone Life: The ultra-thin coating protects the entire string from dirt, sweat, and other elements, providing long-lasting tone and performance.
2. Consistent Feel: The coated strings maintain a consistent, smooth feel throughout their life, ensuring comfortable playability.
3. Anti-Rust Plated Plain Steel Strings: The anti-rust plating on the plain steel strings resists corrosion, enhancing their durability.
4. Round Wound Construction: The round wound design delivers a balanced tone with a full, rich sound and excellent clarity.
5. Reduced Finger Squeak: The coated strings help to minimize finger noise during play, allowing for a cleaner, more focused sound.

By choosing Elixir 12100 Polyweb Coated Electric Guitar Strings, you can expect enhanced tone, extended string life, and improved playability, making them a wise investment for any guitarist.

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