Fender Classic Celluloid Picks 346 Thin

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The Fender Classic Celluloid Picks 346 are a unique and versatile guitar pick option, featuring:

* 346 Shape: A rounded triangle shape with three playing edges, offering extended life and greater versatility compared to traditional picks.
* Celluloid material: Provides a warm, round tone and traditional feel.
* Durability: The 346 shape allows you to switch to a new playing edge when one side wears down, prolonging the life of the pick.
* Multiple thicknesses: Available in thin, heavy, and extra heavy gauges to suit various playing styles and preferences.
* Tortoise Shell pattern: Offers an elegant appearance with a classic look.

With their innovative design and high-quality materials, the Fender Classic Celluloid Picks 346 are a great choice for guitarists seeking extended pick life and greater playing versatility.

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