Fender 351 Guitar Picks, Thin, Confetti, (12)

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The Fender 351 Guitar Picks, Thin, Confetti (12-pack) are a set of classic celluloid guitar picks known for their durability and versatility. Key features and specifications include:


* 351 shape: The traditional pick design, suitable for a wide range of playing styles and techniques.

* Thin gauge: At .46mm (.018”), these picks offer flexibility for strumming and light picking.

* Celluloid material: Provides a warm tone and smooth playing feel.

* Confetti color: A fun and eye-catching design to add a touch of personality to your playing.

* 12-pack: Ensures you have plenty of picks on hand for practice, gigs, or recording sessions.

* Fender quality: Made to Fender's high standards for consistent performance and reliability.


These Fender 351 Thin Confetti Guitar Picks are a popular choice for guitarists of all skill levels, offering a versatile and durable option with a fun, colorful design.

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