Fender Classic Celluloid Picks, 351 Shape - 12 Pack Medium

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The Fender Classic Celluloid Picks, 351 Shape - 12 Pack is a staple for guitarists of all levels, offering:


* A traditional feel and tone, thanks to the use of premium celluloid material.

* The classic 351 shape, Fender's most popular pick design, which is suitable for a variety of playing styles.

* A 12-pack, providing convenience and value for regular use.

* A smooth striking surface and a warm, round musical tone, making it a great choice for both electric and acoustic guitarists.

* A variety of colors and thicknesses available, allowing you to customize your pick selection to suit your preferences.


With their classic feel and tone, Fender Classic Celluloid Picks are a reliable and popular choice for guitarists seeking a traditional pick experience.

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