Fender USED Deluxe Nashville Telecaster Brown Sunburst

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electric guitar



Used  Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster in Brown Sunburst—a beautiful and versatile instrument! 🎸 Some key features of this guitar include:

* A combination of Tex-Mex Telecaster pickups and a Tex-Mex Stratocaster pickup, offering a wide range of tonal options.

* Five-way Strat-o-Tone switching for easy sound customization.

* A strings-through-body design for improved sustain and tone.

* Six adjustable saddles on the bridge for precise intonation.

* Fender’s renowned quality and attention to detail.

Overall, the Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster is a great choice for players looking for a versatile and well-crafted instrument that can handle a variety of musical styles.

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