Fender 351 Picks White Med 12-Pack

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The Fender 351 Picks White Med 12-Pack is a set of high-quality, medium gauge guitar picks that offer a classic feel and performance. Key features and specifications include:


* Material: Celluloid, a traditional and popular pick material known for its warm tone and durability.

* Gauge: Medium, providing a balanced feel and versatility for various playing styles.

* Color: White, offering a clean and classic look.

* Quantity: 12 picks, ensuring you have plenty on hand for practice, gigs, or recording sessions.

* Shape: 351, featuring a rounded tip and wide body for comfort and control.

* Fender quality: Manufactured to Fender's high standards for consistent performance and reliability.


These Fender 351 Picks are a great choice for guitarists seeking a traditional, reliable, and high-quality pick that delivers a warm tone and comfortable playing experience.

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