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The Fender Pure Vintage '60 Precision Bass Pickup is a faithful recreation of the iconic humbucking split-coil pickup that defined the sound of popular music. Designed to deliver powerful bass and clear high-end, this pickup features vintage bobbin construction, Alnico V magnets, flush-mount pole pieces, and cloth wiring insulation, just like the original 1960s-era Precision Basses.

The Pure Vintage '60 Precision Bass Pickup is a passive, 4-string pickup designed for the middle position. It offers a DC resistance of around 10.6K ohms and features wax potting for reduced microphonics and noise. 

If you're looking to capture the authentic tone and character of a vintage Fender Precision Bass, the Pure Vintage '60 Precision Bass Pickup is an excellent choice that will transport you back to the golden era of electric bass guitar.

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