Fishman AFX Broken Record Looper

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The Fishman AFX Broken Record Looper is a compact and versatile looper pedal that offers a range of features, including:


* 6 minutes of loop recording time: Allows for long and complex loops to be created.

* 24-bit, 44.1kHz audio quality: Ensures high-quality sound and dynamics.

* Endless overdubbing: Enables users to add layers to their loops without compromising sound quality.

* True and buffered bypass modes: Provides flexible options for integrating the pedal into various pedalboard setups.

* Sample mode: Allows for the loading of custom WAV samples via USB.

* Single footswitch control: Makes operation easy and intuitive.

* Optional external footswitch: Can be connected for additional control over looping functions.


The Fishman AFX Broken Record Looper is an excellent choice for guitarists and bassists who want a compact and feature-rich looper pedal for both live performances and studio recording.

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