Fishman AFX PRO EQ Mini Acoustic Pre Amp

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The Fishman AFX Pro EQ Mini Acoustic Pre Amp is a compact yet powerful preamp designed specifically for acoustic instruments. It features:

* 5-band EQ: Specially voiced for acoustic instruments, allowing precise control over your sound.
* True bypass: Offers options for buffered bypass or mute to preserve your tone.
* Phase control: Helps fight feedback and maintain clarity in live settings.
* Dual path routing: Provides innovative signal path options for versatile tone shaping.
* Super compact design: Small enough to fit almost anywhere on your pedalboard.
* 9V external power required (sold separately): Ensures consistent, reliable performance.

The Fishman AFX Pro EQ Mini Acoustic Pre Amp is a great choice for acoustic players seeking quality preamplification and EQ in a small package. It offers a range of features to help you achieve the perfect sound for your instrument, whether you're playing live or in the studio.

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