Gator Bass Guitar Wood Case GWE-Bass

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The Gator GWE-BASS Economy Wood Case is a cost-effective and durable solution for protecting your electric bass guitar. Constructed from sturdy plywood and covered in moisture-resistant black Tolex PVC, this case is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and provide long-lasting protection.

The GWE-BASS case features an ergonomic handle for easy transportation, as well as a padded plush interior that is gentle on your bass' finish. Additionally, the case includes locking latches to keep your instrument secure.

Since this case is not shaped for a specific bass, it is a great option for storing and protecting your vintage or specialty instruments at home. Whether you're a gigging musician or just looking for a reliable storage solution, the Gator GWE-BASS Economy Wood Case is a solid choice.

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