Grover 144C Mini Bass Tuning Machines Set - 2+2 - Chrome

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"The Grover 144c Mini Bass tuning machines are a compact and reliable option for bass players seeking a lightweight and low-profile design. These tuners feature a precise 20:1 gear ratio for accurate tuning, and their housing is specially machined to prevent slippage and allow for fine-tuning adjustments.

The 144c tuners have a sleek chrome finish that complements any bass guitar. They are designed to fit most basses with a 2x2 headstock configuration, and the included mounting hardware makes installation quick and easy.

One standout feature of these tuners is their permanently lubricated sealed gear box, which ensures friction-free operation for life. This means that you can count on these tuners to provide smooth and reliable performance, even with frequent use.

Overall, the Grover 144c Mini Bass tuning machines are an excellent choice for bass players who value a lightweight and low-profile design without sacrificing precision and durability."

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