Grover GP800G Strap Lock Set - Gold

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The Grover GP800G Quick-Release Strap Locks are a reliable and stylish solution for securing your guitar to its strap. These strap locks feature a strong, lightweight design that allows for easy removal of the strap when needed, making them ideal for musicians who need to switch instruments during performances.

The GP800G strap locks have a sleek gold finish that adds a touch of class to any guitar, and they are designed to replace the original strap buttons without requiring any modifications. The quick-release mechanism ensures that your guitar stays securely in place while you play, giving you peace of mind on stage.

Overall, the Grover GP800G Quick-Release Strap Locks are a must-have accessory for any guitarist who wants to ensure that their instrument stays safe and secure during performances. Their stylish design and reliable performance make them a popular choice among professional musicians and enthusiasts alike.

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