Grover Mid-Size Rotomatic Tuners - 3+3 - Black Chrome - 205BC

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The Grover 205bc Mini Rotomatic tuning machines are a compact and lightweight option for guitarists seeking professional performance and quality. These tuners feature a 14:1 gear ratio for smooth and accurate tuning, and their small size makes them a great choice for guitar headstocks that cannot accommodate full-size machines.

The 205bc tuners have a sleek black finish that adds a touch of style to any guitar. The sealed-in lubrication ensures long-term durability and reliability, while the mini buttons provide more space for the player's fingers, making tuning easy and comfortable.

Overall, the Grover 205bc Mini Rotomatic tuning machines are an excellent choice for guitarists who value performance, quality, and style in a compact and lightweight package.

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