Grover mini-Locking Rotomatics 406BC Guitar Machine

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"The Grover 406BC tuning machines are a high-quality and innovative option for guitarists seeking reliable tuning stability and ease of use. These tuners are part of the 406 Series, which features a smaller button design for 6-in-line guitars or for players who prefer more space between the buttons.

The 406BC tuners feature a locking cam system that allows for quick and easy string changes, and ensures that the strings stay in tune once locked in place. With just a few turns of the string post, you can be in tune and ready to play. The enclosed construction and lubricated gears ensure long-term reliability and smooth operation.

The Grover 406BC tuners have an 18:1 gear ratio and a sleek black chrome finish that adds a touch of style to any guitar. They are a great choice for guitarists who demand the best in performance and design."

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