Grover Perfect Guitar Nut - Height Extender - GP1103

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The Grover GP1103 Perfect Guitar Nut is a handy accessory that allows you to convert any six-string guitar into a lap steel guitar. It's designed to fit over your existing guitar nut, raising the action by 3/8" to create a higher string clearance that's perfect for playing slide.

The Perfect Guitar Nut is made of sturdy die-cast zinc, and won't throw your guitar out of tune. It measures 1 7/8" in total length, with a 1 5/8" span between the center E strings. It's designed to fit almost any six-string guitar.

Originally sold under the Micro brand, the Grover GP1103 Perfect Guitar Nut has been a popular accessory for over 50 years. The new Grover model is produced using an exact reproduction die-cast mold, which provides a brighter and more resonant sound compared to stamped steel versions.

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