Grover TX-5796 Banjo Bridge #73 5/8"

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The Grover TX5796 banjo bridge number 73 is a replacement bridge for 5-string banjos. It is made of maple with an ebony top and features a 3-legged design. It is notched and has a height of 0.625" (15.875 mm). This particular bridge is designed to provide a reliable and secure connection between the strings and the banjo body, enhancing the instrument's sound and playability. If you're in the market for a replacement banjo bridge, the Grover TX5796 is a solid choice to consider.

Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing the Grover TX-5796 Banjo Bridge #73 5/8":

* Quality Materials: Made from select maple with a specially shaped compensating ebony top, this bridge is designed to give each string its proper scale, resulting in improved intonation and overall sound quality.
* Versatility: This bridge is suitable for both 5-string and tenor banjos, making it a great choice for players who own multiple instruments or are looking to upgrade their current setup.
* Compensated Design: The compensating design of the bridge ensures that each string has the correct scale length, allowing players to change keys without needing to adjust the bridge position.
* Affordable: Despite its high-quality materials and design, the Grover TX-5796 Banjo Bridge is relatively affordable, making it a great choice for players on a budget who still want to improve their banjo's sound.
* Trusted Brand: Grover is a well-known and respected brand in the banjo community, known for producing high-quality parts and accessories that are built to last.

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