Hercules Stands GS432B PLUS Tri Guitar Stand with Auto Grip System and Foldable Yoke - GS432BPLUS

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The Hercules Stands GS432B PLUS Tri Guitar Stand is an innovative and versatile solution for safely storing and displaying up to three guitars. This stand boasts several advanced features, such as:

* Auto Grip System (AGS): Foldable yokes that securely lock your instruments in place, accommodating most electric, acoustic, and bass guitars.
* Instant Height Adjustment Clutch: Allows you to easily adjust the stand height to suit your needs.
* Foldable Backrests: Offer a space-saving solution for storing and transporting your stand when not in use.
* Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) Padding: Protects your instruments from scratches and damage while in the stand.

With its combination of functionality, durability, and thoughtful design, the Hercules GS432B PLUS Tri Guitar Stand is an excellent choice for musicians who want to keep their guitars organized and protected.

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