HOHNER Chromatic CX-12 KEY OF A

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The Hohner Chromatic CX-12 in the key of A is a high-quality, German-made chromatic harmonica that's designed for serious players. It features:

* 48 reeds and brass reed plates for a rich, responsive sound

* Comb made from durable ABS plastic for easy maintenance and a clear tone

* Nickel-plated brass covers for durability and a sleek, modern look

* Improved slider assembly for smooth and airtight performance

* Sleek, ergonomic mouthpiece with round holes for comfortable playing

* Length of 165mm, making it slightly longer than the Chromonica 270 models

The Hohner Chromatic CX-12 is known for its excellent tone, responsiveness, and durability. It's a great option for players who need a reliable, high-quality chromatic harmonica in the key of A.

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