HOHNER Chromonica 270 key of B

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The Hohner Chromonica 270  in the key of B, offering players the same great features and quality construction as all models in the Chromonica line. With the Chromonica 270 in B, you'll enjoy:

* 48 brass reeds for a rich, full sound

* Pearwood comb for a warm, mellow tone

* Nickel-plated brass mouthpiece for durability and comfort

* Balanced and dynamic sound, suitable for all styles of music

* Length of 155 mm, making it compact and easy to handle

* Replaceable reed plates affixed with screws for easy maintenance and customization

The Chromonica 270 in B offers the same versatility and reliability as its counterparts in other keys, making it a great choice for harmonica players who need to cover a wide range of musical styles and genres.

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