Hohner Chromonica 270 key of D

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The Hohner Super Chromonica 270-D is a professional-grade chromatic harmonica in the key of D. It's part of the Super Chromonica series, which is known for its clear and powerful sound, reduced swelling, and optimized comb design for high-note response. Here are some features of the Super Chromonica 270-D:

* 48 brass reeds for a rich, full sound

* Pearwood comb for reduced swelling and clearer tone

* Nickel-plated brass mouthpiece and brass reeds for durability

* Brass reed plate (1.05 mm) for a balanced and dynamic sound

* Length of 155 mm for compact handling

* Key of D major

The Hohner Super Chromonica 270-D is a great choice for professional musicians and serious harmonica players who need a high-quality instrument in the key of D.

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