Hosa MCL-110 Microphone Cable - 10 foot

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Hosa MCL Series Microphone Cables Overview

Experience exceptional audio performance with the Hosa MCL Series Microphone Cables. Crafted by expert engineers, these cables are built to excel in various audio environments such as recording studios, live stages, and broadcast settings. Their superior craftsmanship is a testament to their unrivaled quality.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Robust Construction with Quality Connectors: Crafted for long-lasting durability and secure, stable connections, the MCL series features XLR3F to XLR3M connectors that are compatible with a wide range of professional audio equipment. Perfect for frequent use in even the most rigorous environments, these connectors are designed for consistent performance.

  • High-Quality 22 AWG OFC Conductors: Experience superior signal clarity and minimal signal loss with Hosa MCL-110 Microphone Cables. Featuring Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors with a 22 AWG gauge, these cables accurately capture the nuances of audio performances.

  • Effective 88% OFC Braided Shielding: Enhance your audio experience with our high-quality microphone cable! Featuring an 88% OFC braided shield, it provides superior protection against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference in any environment. This dense shielding ensures the integrity and purity of your audio signal, even in complex and noisy settings.

  • Durable and Flexible Design:
    Indulge in the durability and versatility of these cables, encased in a strong yet pliable jacket. This protective layer safeguards the internal wiring while also providing effortless handling and setup options for both studio recordings and live performances.

  • Versatile Length Options:
    Take your audio setup to the next level with the versatile MCL series! Choose from multiple lengths to fit any space - whether it's a compact studio or an expansive stage. There's a cable for every need, so don't miss out on the perfect fit for your setup!

Usage and Applications:

  • Studio Recording: Perfectly suited for connecting microphones to audio interfaces, mixing consoles, or preamps, these cables are a staple in studio environments.
  • Live Sound Applications: Reliable and durable for live performances, these cables ensure consistent audio quality from microphones to PA systems.
  • Broadcasting and Podcasting: Ideal for broadcasting studios and podcast setups where clear, uninterrupted audio transmission is paramount.


  • Superior Audio Quality: The 22 AWG OFC conductors and 88% OFC braided shielding synergize to provide a pristine audio experience, free from interference and noise.
  • Resilience and Longevity: Designed with the rigors of professional use in mind, the MCL series stands up to regular and demanding use across various environments.
  • Customizable to Various Setups: With a range of cable lengths, these cables offer the flexibility to meet specific setup requirements effectively.


Immerse yourself in unparalleled sound quality with Hosa MCL Series Microphone Cables, the pinnacle of audio cable technology. Expertly designed with 22 AWG OFC wire and 88% OFC braided shielding, these cables guarantee reliable and flawless performance in any studio, stage, or broadcasting setting. Don't settle for less when it comes to professional audio work, trust in Hosa to deliver unbeatable sound integrity.

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