Hosa YPP-111 Y Cable - 1-4 inch TS Male to Dual 1-4 inch TS Female

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The Hosa YPP-111 is a Y-cable designed to duplicate a mono signal, making it ideal for a variety of audio applications.

Key features of the YPP-111 include:

* Connectors: 1/4-inch TS male to dual 1/4-inch TS female
* Length: 6 inches
* Oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors for high-quality audio transmission
* Durable construction with nickel-plated plugs
* Limited lifetime warranty

This Y-cable is a handy accessory for musicians and audio professionals who need to split a mono signal for use with multiple audio devices or effects pedals. Its compact size and high-quality construction make it a reliable and convenient solution for a variety of audio setups.

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