Hosa YRA-104 Y Cable RCA to Dual RCAF

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The Hosa YRA-104! This is a handy Y-cable that's designed to duplicate a mono signal. It features an RCA connector on one end and two RCA female connectors on the other end. 

The YRA-104 is perfect for situations where you need to split a mono audio signal into two separate outputs, such as when connecting a single audio source to two different audio devices. It's also great for creating custom audio configurations in your home theater or audio system.

The YRA-104 boasts remarkable features, such as:

* RCA male to dual RCA female connectors
* Nickel-plated contacts for reliable signal transmission
* High-strand, oxygen-free copper conductors for clear audio
* RoHS and REACH compliant for safety and environmental friendliness

For those seeking a straightforward and efficient method of dividing a mono audio signal, the Hosa YRA-104 is a highly recommended option.

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