Kala U-Bass Scout, Mahogany Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar - Natural Satin - UBASS-SCOUT-FS

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The Kala U-Bass Scout is an innovative, portable acoustic-electric bass guitar that combines a compact size with a rich, full-bodied sound. Some of its key features include:

* Compact Size: With a scale length of just 20.875 inches, the U-Bass Scout is easy to transport and play on the go.
* Mahogany Construction: The mahogany body and neck provide warmth and resonance, creating a sound that's reminiscent of an upright bass.
* Thunderblack Strings: Equipped with Aquila Thunderblack strings, this bass produces a tone that's both deep and expressive.
* Active EQ: The built-in custom active U-Bass EQ with a tuner allows you to fine-tune your sound and stay in tune while playing.
* Additional Features: The U-Bass Scout also comes with cream binding, a pre-installed strap button, and a gig bag for added convenience and protection.

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