Meinl 17 in Byzance Jazz Medium Thin Crash

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The Meinl 17" Byzance Jazz Medium Thin Crash is a hand-hammered, B20 bronze alloy cymbal that delivers a unique blend of explosive warmth, fast decay, and a complex frequency range. This crash cymbal is perfect for jazz drummers looking for a delicate, musical sound that can also function as a light ride.

Here are some key features:

* Size: 17 inches

* Weight: Medium thin

* Material: B20 bronze alloy

* Hand-hammered for a unique sound

* Explosive, warm sound with quick decay

* Complex frequency range

* Suitable as a light ride

The Meinl Byzance Jazz Medium Thin Crash is a versatile cymbal that offers drummers a range of sonic options, from explosive crashes to smooth, shimmering rides. Its hand-hammered construction and B20 bronze alloy composition give it a unique and complex sound that is well-suited to jazz and other styles that require a delicate touch.

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