Meinl 21 in Byzance Transition Ride

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The Meinl 21" Byzance Transition Ride is a unique and versatile cymbal, designed in collaboration with acclaimed drummer Mike Johnston.

Some key features of this ride cymbal include:

* Size: 21 inches
* Hand-hammered B20 bronze alloy
* Raw, unlathed finish
* Specialized hammering for a dark, complex tone
* Rapid decay and crisp articulation
* Clear stick definition and present but not overpowering bell sound
* Perfect for transitioning from articulate sticking to wide-open crashing

The Meinl 21" Byzance Transition Ride is an exceptional choice for drummers who want a responsive and dynamic ride cymbal that can handle a variety of musical situations. Its distinctive look and sound make it a standout addition to any cymbal setup.

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