Meinl Byzance 18 in Extra Thin Hammered Crash

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The Meinl Byzance 18" Extra Thin Hammered Crash is a unique and expressive cymbal that delivers a dark, trashy sound with a wide spread and long sustain. Some key features of this cymbal include:

* Size: 18 inches

* Thin weight and profile

* Extensive hand hammering for a textured sound

* B20 bronze alloy for a refined tone

* Made in Turkey by skilled cymbal smiths

* Part of the Byzance series, known for its traditional and individualistic sound

The Meinl Byzance 18" Extra Thin Hammered Crash is an exceptional choice for drummers who want a crash cymbal with a distinct and complex sound. Its thin weight and extensive hammering create a cymbal that's highly responsive and full of character. The model number for the Meinl Byzance 18" Extra Thin Hammered Crash with UPC 840553011678 is B18ETHC. 

This cymbal is part of Meinl's Byzance Traditional series and is known for its dark, trashy sound, wide spread, and long sustain. Its thin profile and extensive hammer patterns make it a great choice for drummers looking for a cymbal with a unique and expressive character. 🎶🥁

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