Meinl Classics Custom Dark Ride

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The Meinl Classics 20 in Custom Dark Ride—a cymbal that's dark, rich, and full of character! 🌚 

This cymbal is part of Meinl's Classics Custom Dark series, which features B12 bronze alloy construction and a dark finish with wide blade lathing and extra hammering, giving it a unique and aggressive sound. 

Some notable features of the Classics Custom Dark Ride include:

* Dark, rich, and full-frequency sound

* Wide blade lathing and extra hammering for a distinctive appearance and sound

* B12 bronze alloy construction for durability and excellent sound quality

* Ideal for heavier music genres like rock, metal, and fusion

Overall, the Meinl Classics Custom Dark Ride is an excellent choice for drummers looking for a ride cymbal with a dark and aggressive sound that can cut through the mix. Its unique appearance and sound make it a standout addition to any cymbal setup.

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