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The Morley ABY Gold Pedal is a versatile and robust switcher/combiner pedal that's perfect for multi-instrumentalists, teachers, and technicians alike. Some of the key features of this pedal include:


* Two-button design: Allows you to easily switch between or combine two different input or output sources.

* Independent level controls: Each input has its own level control, allowing you to create the perfect mix of both inputs.

* LED indicators: Display which outputs are on or off for easy monitoring.

* Premium buffered circuit: Ensures squeaky-clean sound quality.

* Road-tough construction: Built to withstand the rigors of regular use and touring.

* Quieter circuitry: The latest Gold Series version features upgraded circuitry for quieter operation.


Whether you're switching between instruments, combining signals, or creating unique effects, the Morley ABY Gold Pedal is a great tool for any musician looking for a reliable and versatile switcher/combiner pedal.

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