NUX LOOP CORE Stereo Guitar Looper

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The NUX Loop Core Stereo Guitar Looper is a next-generation looper pedal that offers a wealth of features and options for guitarists. Here are some of its standout specs:

* High-definition color LCD display: Provides clear visual feedback for your looping operations.
* Stereo inputs/outputs: Allows you to create stereo loops and connect to two amplifiers.
* MIDI control input: Lets you control the pedal with MIDI devices for even more flexibility.
* Up to 6 hours of recording time: Gives you plenty of room to create long, complex loops.
* 99 memory slots: Allows you to store and recall your loops easily.
* 50 built-in drum patterns: Adds depth and variety to your loops.
* Cab simulation for mixer output: Lets you connect directly to a mixer for recording or live performance.
* Split output for two amplifiers: Enables you to create complex multi-amp setups.

The NUX Loop Core Stereo Guitar Looper is a powerful and versatile looper pedal that offers a wide range of options for guitarists looking to create and perform with loops.

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