On-Stage Foldable 5-Guitar Rack GS7561

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The On-Stage GS7561 Foldable 5-Guitar Rack is an innovative and versatile solution for storing and displaying up to five guitars in a single, space-saving unit.

This foldable guitar rack offers several key features, including:

* Padded contact points: Protects your instruments from scratches and damage.
* Single-file configuration: Enables easy placement and removal of each guitar without disturbing the others.
* Lightweight design: Weighs under 10 lbs, making it highly portable.
* Foldable backrest: Allows for efficient storage and transportation.
* Adjustable yokes: Accommodate a variety of acoustic and electric guitars.

Whether you're a gigging musician, studio owner, or simply a guitar enthusiast looking to organize your collection, the On-Stage GS7561 Foldable 5-Guitar Rack is an excellent choice that combines convenience, protection, and style.

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