On-Stage MSA8020B Clamp-on-Boom Arm

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The On-Stage MSA8020B Clamp-on-Boom Arm is a versatile and convenient solution for adding a second microphone to your setup without the need for an additional floor stand. Some notable features include:

* Clamp-on design: Easily attaches to most standard microphone stands, saving space and reducing clutter on stage or in the studio.

* 19" top-mount boom: Provides ample reach for positioning the microphone in the ideal spot.

* Neoprene rubber pads: Ensure a secure grip and prevent damage to your equipment.

* Euro-style clutch: Allows for easy adjustment and reliable locking of the boom arm.

* Cable holder clip: Keeps your microphone cable organized and out of the way.

* Powder-coat finish: Adds durability and a professional appearance.

The On-Stage MSA8020B Clamp-on-Boom Arm is a practical and affordable option for anyone looking to expand their microphone setup without sacrificing precious floor space.

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