On-Stage OSS QK-2B Black Quik-Realease Mic Adapter

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Microphone Accessories

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The On-Stage OSS QK-2B Black Quik-Release Mic Adapter is a convenient accessory designed to make interchanging microphones and mic clips on stands quick and easy. Some key features include:

* Push-button release mechanism: Enables fast, effortless attachment and detachment of microphones and mic clips.
* Standard 5/8"-27 threading: Compatible with most mic stands and clips.
* Shock absorbent: Reduces handling noise and vibrations.
* Solid brass construction: Ensures durability and reliability.
* Black finish: Provides a sleek, professional look.

This adapter is an ideal solution for performers, sound engineers, and anyone who needs to quickly switch microphones on a mic stand during live events or recording sessions.

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