pdp PDCS710 Straight Cymbal Stand

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The PDP PDCS710 Straight Cymbal Stand is a lightweight, single-braced cymbal stand designed by Drum Workshop in California. This affordable stand is ideal for local gigs, bop set-ups, rehearsal rooms, classrooms, and more.

Key features of the PDCS710 include:

* Quick-release wing nut: Allows for fast and easy cymbal setup and breakdown.
* Glide tilter: Enables smooth and precise cymbal angle adjustments.
* Composite memory locks: Ensure consistent and reliable height settings.
* Lightweight tubing: Provides a balance between durability and portability.
* Single-braced legs: Offer sufficient stability while reducing overall weight.
* Oversized feet: Offer enhanced grip and prevent the stand from slipping or moving during use.

The PDP PDCS710 Straight Cymbal Stand is a cost-effective and reliable choice for drummers in need of a lightweight, easy-to-use cymbal stand.

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