Peavey Tablet Mounting System III - 03620400

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The Peavey Tablet Mounting System III (model number 03620400) is a versatile accessory designed for musicians, allowing them to securely mount their tablet or smartphone to a microphone stand, keyboard stand, or any other stand with a tube diameter of up to 28mm. Key features and specifications include:


* Compatibility: Suitable for most tablets and smartphones with outside dimensions ranging from 4.7" to 9".

* Secure hold: Touchpoints firmly hold your device in place without causing damage.

* Construction: Sturdy and durable high-quality frame for long-lasting performance.

* Easy setup: Quick setup and release for convenient use on stage or in the studio.

* Mounting options: Threaded adapter for direct mounting to a microphone stand and a universal clamp for other stand types.

* Color: Black.


The Peavey Tablet Mounting System III is an ideal solution for musicians who want easy access to their digital devices during rehearsals, live performances, or recording sessions, providing a secure and adjustable mount that accommodates various device sizes and stand types.

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