PRS Classic Series Instr Angle to straight 10 ft cable

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What exceeds your expectations? PRS Classic Series instrument cables are built to do just that — exceed your expectations. This cable features spiral shielding that improves flexibility and durability without sacrificing any of your tone. PRS even specially tuned the capacitance of the cable just high enough to warm up the tone but not low enough that the cable becomes extra bright. This fine-tuning gives the PRS Classic Series cables awesome signal clarity and tone all their own. For guitar players, using the PRS Classic Series instrument cables is a no-brainer.
Indulge in seamless connectivity and unparalleled sound quality with PRS Classic Series instrument cables. Designed to elevate your playing experience, these cables feature spiral shielding for maximum flexibility and durability. Plus, PRS has fine-tuned the capacitance to add a warm touch without compromising on brightness. The result? Impeccable signal clarity and a unique tone that sets you apart. With PRS Classic Series instrument cables, you'll never settle for anything less than exceptional.

Note: All PRS Classic Series cables are RoHS compliant.

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