PRS Custom 24 Piezzo Electric Guitar 10 Top

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The PRS Custom 24 Piezo Electric Guitar with Pattern Thin Neck and 10 Top—a truly versatile instrument that seamlessly blends electric and acoustic guitar sounds into one. This dual-output guitar allows you to plug into both electric and acoustic guitar amps, or a soundboard, offering an almost endless range of tones

With PRS’s patented Gen III tremolo bridge, the Custom 24 Piezo provides added versatility and reliability for players of all styles. Plus, the guitar comes with a nearly infinite range of tones and the ability to combine the sound of the 85/15 pickups with the piezo acoustic sounds through a single output. It’s the perfect “go-to” guitar for any musician! 🎸

Here are some key features of the PRS Custom 24 Piezo Electric Guitar with Pattern Thin Neck and 10 Top:

* Dual output: Separate outputs for electric and acoustic sounds

* Gen III Tremolo Bridge: Patented PRS tremolo for added versatility and reliability

* 85/15 Pickups: Classic PRS tone with added clarity and extended high and low end

* Piezo Pickup: Crisp, full-bodied acoustic sound

* 10 Top: Highest figured maple top with a distinct pattern

* Pattern Thin Neck: Fast, comfortable, and familiar feel

* Endless Tonal Options: Combine electric and acoustic sounds through a single output for a wide range of tones

* Premium Build: Made in the USA with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship

* Strings: 10-46

This guitar is a versatile and reliable instrument that offers endless tonal possibilities for musicians of all styles.

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