PRS MARY CRIES Optical Compressor

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The PRS Mary Cries Optical Compressor is a fantastic pedal that brings studio-grade compression to your pedalboard. Here are some key features:

* Based on the legendary LA-2A compressor: Offers smooth and musical compression, adding thickness to your tone and lengthening sustain without sacrificing definition or clarity.
* Simple, intuitive controls: With just two knobs (Output Gain and Compression), the Mary Cries is easy to dial in, making it a great choice for beginners and professionals alike.
* Optical compression: Provides a natural, musical compression that responds dynamically to your playing, ensuring your tone stays expressive and full of life.
* True bypass: Prevents any unwanted coloration of your sound when the pedal is disengaged.
* Made in the USA: Built with high-quality components and excellent craftsmanship, ensuring durability and reliable performance.

The PRS Mary Cries Optical Compressor is a top-notch choice for guitarists looking to add some studio magic to their pedalboard.

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